Personal Injury Attorney in Rockville, MD, for Car and Truck Accidents

Whether it seems fair or not, insurance companies generally contact car or truck accident victims immediately afterward to ensure they reach them before the injured party retains counsel. Following an automobile accident, insurance company representatives often pursue litigation and have lawyers on staff who protect their legal interests. By aggressively pursuing victims who may not understand their rights under the law, insurance companies try to settle for pennies on the dollar before the injured person even knows what injuries he or she has sustained.

Our personal injury attorney in Rockville, MD, fights for fair compensation to cover car and truck accident injuries. An accident victim requires the assistance of a lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury law. With the help of Kurtz, Peters and Associates, LLC, you’ll have the tools you need to fight for fair compensation. Rely on our personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC, and Rockville, MD, to ensure you understand your rights and the rights of others impacted by a vehicle accident. We work hard for you and aim to garner the best possible outcome and proper legal settlement for you and your loved ones. We provide representation to help you receive the accident compensation you deserve for any of the following:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Disability
  • Potential Lost income
  • Property Damage
  • Related Pain & Suffering

What to Do Immediately After a Car or Truck Accident

When you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, it’s important for you to stay as calm as possible. If you believe that you’ve sustained any injuries, then you need to file an accident report immediately. You also need to visit the nearest hospital to ensure that your injuries are properly treated by skilled medical professionals. Unfortunately, many internal injuries are not apparent until days after the accident. When you notice pain or symptoms that you believe are the result of your accident, reach out to our car, truck, or motorcycle accident lawyer in Rockville, MD, at your earliest convenience to discuss your experience.